Friday, November 09, 2007

Even more favorite things.......and a helpful hint

After two days of a migraine,I awoke without a throbbing pain. I was so happy that I decided to share more of my favorite things with you before getting ready to go for my walk.
~~~a hint about migraine's~~~ After taking aspirin, Aleeve,and Excedrin migraine,which usually do the trick in no time, I was getting no relief,so I took a hot bath and rubbed pure peppermint essential oil on my chest,neck, and under my nose and went to bed in a dark room. I felt the pain ease a bit and inhaled deeply until I finally fell asleep. My point is, peppermint oil is wonderful and I really think it did the trick. I took the same meds the first day and the hot bath, only to wake to the splitting headache yesterday morning. A friend bought me the roll on peppermint oil specifically for my migraines, and I will never be without it now.You can now officially call me "Peppermint Patty".

Alright, on to more of my favorite things.....I still love the Capodimonte lamp with the cherubs and pastel flowers which I found in an alley in Chicago. It worked too!!!I just added the shade which I glued a beaded fringe to.

I'm still impressed that I made this tiny Ultrasuede jointed teddy bear. It sits on a litttle table set for tea with miniature cups whic a friend gifted me with several years ago.

I love the old barn window which I washed in a pale green paint and added some mementos underneath.

Last but not least, I find my mermaid's tears (beach glass)to be among my favorite things. They are so relaxing to view and memories of many beautiful sunny days filled with laughter, tears, and chit chat were spent collecting them with my mother.

I am off to take my walk and breathe in some fresh air and be thankful my head doesn't hurt anymore!!!!! Have a sunny day everyone!


  1. Oh I am glad your felling better, I get migraines, too. No fun.

    Love all you favorite things, you really do have a Victorian house.

  2. Anonymous1:53 PM CST

    Glad your feeling better. I hear smelling peppermint will give you a boost of energy too. Maybe I should buy it by the gallon-LOL. Love your lamp-Hugs Leslie

  3. Glad you're feeling better. Haven't been by for a while (anywhere) and I've enjoyed seeing some of your favorite things!

  4. I am SOOO glad you are feeling better!

  5. I'm glad you're better too!
    It's so fun to see all your Mermaid's Tears... SIL told me that rubbing the peppermint oil on the bottoms of your feet, then putting socks over that and wearing them to bed, is also a very effective place to rub essential oils...

  6. Ohhhhhhhhh you have so much sea glas ;o)


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