Thursday, November 22, 2007


The eggs are boiling for deviled eggs, hubby is eating his breakfast in front of the TV watching his Turner Classics, my son is still asleep, so I came up to say good morning and post my Santa cup,I mean..... look for a recipe online.....yeah, that's what I'm doing online, looking for a recipe.

Sandy from Art Tea Life posted a very enjoyable story on her blog.It brought back a special memory for me. She took a photo of her childhood Santa mug which I happened to also have as a child. I found it last night and washed it up. This morning I had my eggnog in it to toast Sandy and you. I didn't add the "other stuff" because it is too early, and I do have to cook today :-). Cheers! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Ok!!! Found the recipe! See you later.


  1. Time warp!!!! Pat, I had one of those, back in the 60's when I was little. I don't know whatever happened to it but yes, I had that exact mug. I think my sister had one too. Wow, serious flashback going on here!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Pat, Happy Thanksgiving to you! I too had the same mug as a child ... I wonder if my Mom still has it? I'll have to ask her today!

    I'm glad to hear your son is home for the holidays. Hope you enjoy your day! I'm off to the kitchen to do some cooking then it's off to my brothers house.

  3. My husband had one, and hopefully it's in storage. His mother had a small, red, porcelain Christmas boot in which she kept candy, too. It was always out at Christmas and I know we have that still.

  4. ohhhhh ! You found your Santa cup ! that is so coool. Cheers to You and (((chink))) - let's do this again on Christmas , shall we ? Santa Cup to Santa Cup. It has been amazing how many people have been commenting that they had a Santa Cup like ours too.

    oh and you got LOWFAT eggnog You ! You are so goooood ! (laughing)

    Happy Thanksgiving - Pilgrim ! xo-S.

  5. Wasn't that a cute post by Sandy? I really enjoy her blog!!!!! I love the little mugs and remember them from my youth as well:D Happy Holidays....Linda

  6. Oh I love it,love it,love it!!!It looks just like this Santa ash tray we had that I adored! It had a spot to put the lit cigg and somehow smoke came out of Santa's pipe! Sounds gross now but as a kid I would beg my PopPop to lite a cigg so I could watch it.


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