Monday, November 12, 2007

Beach mermaid's tears

It has been raining all night so I had no hopes of a beach outing today. However, when I took the trash out this morning I discovered it to be almost warm and no sprinkles. I phoned mom and we ventured to the beach. It could be our last for the season since the air has cooled and we have been getting frost.

Since we had to make our own sunshine today, we took an extra long walk and found many treasures. Do you see the small blue china piece? I bet it is Willow ware. The large light green piece has "Bottle made in Fr" on it, possibly from France. I was very surprised to find as much as we did.
The sun even peeked out for about 5 minutes. It was a pleasant stroll as we talked about grandma killing flies with a flyswatter. She would hit it,and although it was dead, she kept hitting it with the edge of the flyswatter. She hated flies, can you tell?

We decided to grab a bite to eat so we went to George's Gyros. I love the dill cucumber sauce. It reminds me of summer days. We sat by the lake by the B&B and enjoyed our gyros. When I arrived home,the skies turned gray and it started sprinkling again. This is why I say,"Strike while the irons hot". Don't wait around for the weather to change,go out and enjoy while you can.
I certainly am glad I did this morning!

Enjoy your day and make your own sunshine if you must!


  1. Leslie Kenreich2:55 PM CST

    I went to the beach after work and only found 3 peices of glass-you did great! I'm afraid there won't be many more beach walking days-darn. I miss the beach during the winter, I have to stay in my car when it gets cold. Hope your mom is well. Hugs Leslie

  2. A blue one! Does that count as a "wink" from your Dad?

  3. What a great haul! I'm so glad you two could get together for a great morning and lunch. The rain just waited for you. =)


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