Thursday, November 29, 2007

Beach jaunt on a cold sunny day!

It is hard to believe one week ago was Thanksgiving. This entire year just flew by. I think August was a total blur. I hope next year isn't quite so fast.

Yesterday I took mom shopping and we stopped for Chinese takeout on our way to the beach. The sun was shining,there was a mild wind,and the air was not truly cold,so we decided to walk along the shore. We needed to do some form of exercise after the take out lunch fest...yikes!!!!
I found a few mermaid's tears and was very pleased about that. I think it was our last trip for the season,although you never can tell around here.

Last night a friend phoned and I sat in the front room with the Christmas tree lit enjoying a cup of vanilla coffee and an ever so small slice of the cranberry bread. After my first "serving" the night I made it, and my huge Chinese lunch earlier, I felt I should pay more attention to serving sizes. I quartered the mini loaf, but that is as far as I'm going, :-D. After all, it is Winter here now, and I must keep insulated and warm......yeah right!

Anyway, I enjoyed the conversation,took a bubble bath and snuggled up on my overstuffed chair with a quilt and watched TCM(vintage movies) with hubby until I could no longer keep my eyes open. I let Angell out ,which seemed to take forever as she visited her three "areas",and off to bed I went. She is so funny,I put two full sized grapevine wreath reindeer at the garden entrance off the kitchen, and every time Angell goes out she thinks they are dogs.She barks and attacks them until she remembers they have been there a week. I wonder what she will do when I light them?


  1. leslie kenreich2:52 PM CST

    Nice pieces of glass-lucky you. I think there won't be too many nice days to go to the beach-hopefully there will be a few yet. Right now I have to get the leaves off my grass now that the snow has melted. Have a great day-Hugs Leslie

  2. Your evening sounds just delightful, Pat, the kind I love - especially the bubble bath, as I'm missing those intently lately!

    I'm glad you found a few more tears, and hope there will be a beautiful day here and there, just made for going to the lake.

  3. It would seem that the older we get, the faster time moves.

  4. what a warm and toasty evening!! Sounds like a PERFECT way to close out the day. I am trying to catch up on my blog surfing and so glad I caught this post.. by the way - what do you do with the glass you collect off the beach?

  5. hi pat
    i am new to your blog-i believe i found you on grace's?? anyway lovely blog:)
    i am in new england and have a lot of beach glass-is that what you are calling 'mermaids tears'? oh i love it-and so will my little nieces
    thanks for sharing with us i will be back again soon
    enjoy your day:)

  6. me again pat:)
    i am a avid fan of TCM too:)


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