Monday, October 22, 2007

Tagged answers...long

I was tagged by Sherry Wade, Judy Grant, and Courtney Prudhomme.

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1. I am useless after 10:00 pm. I can hardly stay awake and if I do manage to keep my eyes open, all I do is yawn.

2. I love the smell of burning leaves in Autumn.

3. I have eaten some uncommon and weird foods such as brains, pickled pigs feet,and chocolate covered grasshoppers before. Not all together of course,gross!

4. I really love my house. I mean I really,really love it. It is over 130 yrs old and I "feel" it's history and love caring for it until my turn is up. It is not perfect and it never will be or ever need to be. Every cracked window and missing mortar between it's bricks is fine with me. Names from children past are etched in some of the bricks and I think this has always been a happy house! When I was 15 my boyfriend and I drove by on his motorcycle and I remember thinking to myself as I looked at the rolling land and huge old barn that the people who live here must love it. It was really a strange thing when I found myself on it's porch 15 years later asking if it was the one for sale. I was brought back here for some reason.

5. I cannot wear a hat of any kind because I get a headache almost immediately.

6. I used to bite my nails for many years,and now I tear them off if they get 1/8" long. I love nails and enjoy polishing them, but for some reason I tear them off without knowing. Then get mad at myself .

7. I went to see a Spiritualist named "Rose Winter" when I was 17 and she told me everything that has happened to date. I wrote it down after I left her and put it away. My mom found it in my old room in a book 16 years ago and several things had already happened.

She told me my first born would be a boy...I have one son.She didn't want to tell me I would only have one child. I always planned on two.

She said someone close would have a close call in his blue truck, a few years later my brother bought his first truck,blue, and was hit by a train, he was not hurt.

She told me a dark man around me was evil,first husband was horrid.

She told me I would live in a tall house near water, I live in a two story with a creek behind us.

She said a woman and man close to me would live on an island and have three kids, my brother and his wife live in Hawaii with two daughters and a son.

She said something horrible would happen but not harm me in a big city with tall buildings, I think it was 9/11 she saw.

She said a man would have stomach area problems and rubbed all around her abdomen and he would fall ill, my father died with liver cancer which spread throughout his stomach area.

She said two friends would marry. The names Tracy and Mike were mentioned. Tracy married her high school sweetheart Mike..both my friends two years later.

She said I would be happy and I was artistic.I am happy 99% of the time, I made the life I want without even knowing it. I think I am pretty artistic.

She saw me among flowers and my guardian angel was my grandfather who was tall and had a rose for me. My grandfather was 7 feet tall and she held out her hand and I smelled roses. I swear I did.

As I was leaving her husband took my arm and said, watch your weight. I was very thin at the time and I was puzzled, but now I see what he meant. I struggle with a few pounds and am fighting HBP. I never thought I would hear anyone say that to me because I was always thin.

Sorry to have written a book, but hopefully that will take up for being tagged 3 times.

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  1. ohhh I rushed over here after I read your note...I BEG IMMUNITY ! I just did this in June

    But I am rubbing my hands together to read what YOU wrote !

    Love, S.

  2. Oh this was all so interesting and wonderful to read thru ! I gobbled it up !

    Where is Rose WINTER ! ? Wouldn't we all love to talk to her Right Now !

    That was sooo interesting.

    I am enchanted by the story of your house...

    You ATE chocolate covered grasshoppers ! you are brave beyond measure ! And I am so impressed.

    How Fun, getting to know You better !

  3. Rose Winter invited people into her home in Michigan City,next to my town,Chesterton. She was at least 80 yrs old when I went to see her. I wish she were around today, I would certainly see her again. She was a very pleasant and real lady. She just had a gift to read a person and see what was a head of them. She said she wasn't a psychic, she called herself a spiritualist.

  4. Thank you for the tag Pat. When I come up with some good answers I'll be sure to post it. I was fascinated by your answers. I don't think mine will be as interesting.


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