Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Still slaving away.....

I am getting there. I have some more pouches to assemble and pendants to solder, but then I call it quits! Crazy quilting projects evolve, they are not planned and you just can't set a time for completion. As creative juices come and go, you work on a piece. You cannot force it, it will show in your work. There, I have allowed myself to accept that I do not have to have a million pieces to show. My work takes many hours,as all of you CQers know. Hand sewing each bead twice or more and hiding stitches in lace, isn't a fast task. Here are a few smaller projects finished. The pink pouches are for the Breast Cancer Awareness donations. I have to bead the tops and finish the others, then I will share a pic of them.The lime swing purse looks bare in the photo, but in person it is just enough. After going "crazy" on the orange and fuchsia purse, the lime looks unfinished,LOL. Ok, back to work!!!!


  1. Pat, as always they are just beautiful!!!

  2. The lime purse is beautiful!
    For me it doesn't look bare at all.
    I loved this block from the first time you showed it and couldn't wait to see it finished.
    All the pouches are lovely too.
    The gipsy is my favourite ;-)


  3. I'm in love with the lime green piece!!!!

  4. Wish I could go to your show, Pat.

    I am really looking forward to carrying your "Lighthouse" bag when I am at Quilt Market in a few weeks....and I will say, "Oh, Pat Winter made this, of course! Surely you must know!"

  5. Pat, they are all beautiful. Lovely work as always.


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