Sunday, October 14, 2007

Slowing my pace and enjoying my surroundings

Sometimes it takes a whirlwind to slow us down time and time again. I have come to realize that I get involved very deeply when I commit to a project. I guess I have always been this way but as each year passes and I see a slower version of "Pat", I feel I need to be more selective in what projects I take on. Recently I have been reunited with my friend Rose whose friendship is like no other. The sky could be falling in on Rose and she will still find a way to make you laugh. There is so much more to Rose than humor, but I will save that for later. Everyone should have a "Rose" in their life.

As you may have noticed, I have limited my computer time until after the show next Sat. Yikes!!! Next Saturday!!!!!! I am getting nervous. Thank goodness I have attended this show as a customer in the past and know how it is set up. It is quite a comfortable set up, like shopping at a boutique. Each artist has a table of offerings and you are handed a cloth shopping tote when you enter the ballroom and browse each table and display as you would an upscale boutique gathering pretty things along the way. When finished, you go to the register. If you want to speak to an artist, you are taken to the lounge where we will be sitting when not working at a post. I will take a CQ project to work on in between my posts. I am a greeter for the first two hours, then a two hour stitching break, then I will be entering each sale onto the artists inventory sheet. I am kind of excited to be the only crazy quilter there because my items will be unique and new to the shoppers. This is the 23rd year the IE show has been presented. Being the "new kid", I feel a little pressure in presentation,but somewhat relieved because I was juried in, so they know what I bring to the table. I am taking a long stitching break after Sat. The great thing about this whole situation is the fact that it doesn't matter if anything sells or not. I made things I wanted to make, and they were my enjoyment. I would rather not make so many things in such a short time, but that was needed.

So, back to enjoying a slower pace and my surroundings. As I mentioned, my friend Rose and I have reunited and we started doing Pilate's , and we have started walking together. There are so many wonderful areas around our neighborhood to walk and we made up our minds to get healthier..together. I am taking the time for ME. I deserve it,and I need it. The computer,crazy quilting, shopping, etc can all wait until I have given myself what I need first. I always feel renewed after my birthday and in Autumn,so this is the right time to take this on.

Yesterday after our my walk my husband wanted to go visit our son, so I gathered some projects to work on in the car and off we went. It was great to see him as always. I even got to visit Von's bead and book shop.The guys stood outside while I browsed for beads, then we went to a late lunch at Red Lobster, Ed's fav. By the time I got home, I had embellished three items and they are ready to sew together and trim out.

This morning at 5:00 I sat on the porch swing with my Angell (chihuahua) and coffee all snuggled in a blanket and watched the sky turn beautiful shades of fuchsia, pink then purple,lilac and periwinkle as the sun rose. Then I made John French toast and went to pick up mom for a beach stroll. It was very calm at the beach and there were tons of rocks on the shore. I found a lot of glass and was happy to find a lot of small smoothed driftwood for a future project. A local weaver is going to show me how to make a multi fiber and driftwood woven wall hanging. I can't wait.

The Duneland area has many artists,including several fiber artists. We have the most wonderful shows in the various local parks each year. Even along the Lake in the next town they have an Art show with amazing work. Chesterton, Beverly Shores,Michigan City, sort of melds with New Buffalo Michigan and continues to flow to St. Joseph,MI. That is where I take mom to visit an old 5 and dime store filled with unusual finds. There is also my favorite bead store a few miles further but always worth the trip. I love to travel toward MI instead of IL because the feeling of serenity,freedom, and interesting natural sites is more my style than crowds, high traffic,and noise which you can't avoid in Chicago. There are beautiful parks and wonderful museums in Chicago,but way too many people for me. I want to enjoy getting there just as much as being there,and the journey along Red Arrow highway (hwy 12) does the trick. As we drive along we usually stop at a few Antique shops,then the Swedish Bakery, usually finding a few yard sales,then a fruit market and flower stand which is a must. When we pass my favorite house as we enter St Joe, my heart gets the giggles from excitement. The streets are made of hand layed brick and there are swings overlooking the lake for our enjoyment. Cafe's and restaurants line the streets so we can get a take out and enjoy swinging and chatting over lunch before heading back. It is almost like a mini vacation to take our St. Joe trip. Our bodies relax and our thoughts drift when we are sunning ourselves on the swings in St. Joe.

Everyone should take little trips like this and enjoy your days. The sweet memories I have from taking my mom and dad there are treasures to me now. I hope each of you can seek out a special place like St. Joe and enjoy it with your family or friends. Make it special, do it often. You won't regret it. It will only enrich your life.

I am off to sew up the three projects and that is it for today. Perhaps a walk in the woods down by the creek ...........


  1. Pat, Thank you so much for linking me on your blog under A shopping we will go ! I have just linked your blog to mine to return the nice jesture ! Love your work. Thanks again for the nice thoughts.

  2. Hi Pat,

    It's been awhile (too long obviously!) since I've visited your blog. I've been reading and getting caught up. Your trip up to St. Joe is making me feel very nostalgic. I grew up in central MI so am familiar with the area you've described. {sigh} You make me homesick - in a good way of course!


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