Friday, October 26, 2007

Slacker day!

Well, I haven't made any sewing progress,nor do I have anything new added to my etsy shop since yesterday,and I didn't get my Mondo grasses planted by the pool as planned.

I did however talk on the phone for 90 minutes this morning,go to Barnes and Noble with a friend and pick up another issue of Victoria for a gal in France,and I enjoyed a green melon tea from Panera bread. Oh yes, I watched Ellen this afternoon too. I was a SLACKER today and I did enjoy it....a lot!

I do have plans to walk in the morning with Rose,but I can't promise anything else. The twill tape and a stack of fabrics are waiting for me by the machine. That may be the only project I finish the whole weekend. So, la ~te~ I go to enjoy a hot bubble bath with the unread "Sew Somerset "in hand. The Autumn taunts us with cold evenings and it puts a chill in your bones until you get used to it. Brrrrrrr. I'm not used to it yet, that's what hot bubble baths are for.

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  1. Sometimes we just need a day off. =) Sounds like you had a very pleasant one. I like Ellen, too. Laughing is good for you!


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