Sunday, October 14, 2007

Giveaway soon to come!!!!!!

Who said Halloween can't be enjoyed by all ages???Well, with all the giveaways I have seen on blogs lately, I have decided to offer my own "Halloween" giveaway after next week. I just saw Penny is offering quite a nice stash on her blog.

I must decide whether to make something or give stash........Perhaps something with an Autumn theme........(not Halloween)
I will have to think on this. I certainly can't play until the week of the 22nd. I will post the giveaway gift(s) as soon as it is made or gathered, and the rules to enter. Stay tuned!!! This is fun!

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  1. ohh that sounds like a great idea!! I need to do the same thing.. I have sooo much fabric it would be nice to put a good package together and offer it up.. great idea to you and Gerry :-)


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