Sunday, October 07, 2007

"Crafter's Who Care" project

Courtney Prudhomme from "Momma's Goodies blog, has started a wonderful program called "Crafter's who care". She is making wheelchair and walker pouches (photo)for her local Nursing home in Louisiana which currently house 84 patients.

She is asking anyone who can do simple sewing (My hand is raised and waving) to join her in making pouches that tie onto walkers or wheelchairs for the patients to carry needful items such as tissues, reading glasses,hard candy ,small notebooks,etc. She plans on passing them out around Christmas. I am not a sewer for the most part, but this is certainly something I can participate in and will enjoy doing so. Courtney, count me in!

Here is the pattern she is using. Permission has been given to use this pattern for such services as Courtney is performing.I plan on joining in after the 20th of this month. I have some neutral cotton fabrics just begging to be used for such a project. If you join in, think of patterns for the men as well as the women,and washable fabrics like cottons and such would be something to consider as well. I know I get caught up in florals and "pretty" fabrics,but I certainly would hate to be the man who got the pansy print,LOL. Well, you know I must use some "pretties".

Courtney, this is a very needful project because I have seen towels tied onto a walker with the person's items inside. You will make many faces light up this Christmas. Who knows, perhaps you will inspire other's to take on this challenge in their own home town??????

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  1. that would be awesome to trigger other's doing it close to home.. even if you couldn't provide everyone with one.. I am sure whatever you provided would be appreciated.


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