Monday, October 15, 2007

Breakfast break

I'm not a breakfast eater, but as I have mentioned before, I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle with eating and exercising better. They say something is better than nothing,so this will have to do. If I know it will be a busy day I will make a frozen banana with orange juice and fat free vanilla yogurt smoothie.

My friend Terri sent me a goodie box filled with wonderful things. The Raspberry preserves from an Amish shop in PA was tucked away among the stash and it is something I find delectable. This morning I decided to try it while on my "break" from creating. Along with my toast I had a Chai Latte,huge seedless grapes,and I am saving the cordial kisses for later. Well, they are to support breast cancer awareness, so I had to buy least that is what I tell myself.

Thank you again Terri for the yummy preserves. Next time won't you join me?


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  2. Oh, my favorite....Health Food Kisses! LOL.

    Actually, your breakfast looks really, really GOOD!


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