Thursday, September 06, 2007

Truly a stitching day!

Well, today was not wasted. I almost fully embellished three cell cases. The bird in hand needs something else here and there. I also pieced three more cell cases and one eyeglass case which will have a clasp. I also gathered images and fabrics for seven other eyeglass & neck pouches. Whew! I really played with fabrics today and enjoyed every minute.

I haven't gotten around to answering emails except for a few that are joining the Tussie Mussie Exchange. I will send all details to each of you next week. Promise.

I did see I got a lovely letter from my sweet friend Terri. I must write to her first thing tomorrow before my sewing begins.
Right now I am grabbing a cup of wellness tea because I have had a sore throat for two days,, and my new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and go relax in my comfy chair downstairs. Ta Ta!!!


  1. Wow, pretties, I especially like the Autumn one.

  2. You *did* have a stitching day! Beautiful things, as yours always are. I'll go visit your home and garden blog next.

  3. These CQ cell bags are The BEST ! I love them !!!!!

    Just love the pictures too showing the stages - this is inspiring....!!!!

    Gosh they came out beautiful.

    ps hope that sore throat got better fast !


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