Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thoughtful and unexpected gifts

I have a half brother,Paul, who lives in WV. I have only met him four times but we bonded right away. He is my mom's son from her first marriage. Although he is half Italian, I can see a lot of my mom in him. I think we first bonded when my grandmother passed away 19 years ago. He was so sweet and attentive at the funeral and treated me like a little sister. I have three brother's but the connection I have with Paul is different. Perhaps because he is older or perhaps because we rarely see each other. Whatever it is, it is special and he has a special place in my heart. He adores my son and only met him as a toddler.
My mom has been wanting an Aunt Grace cake. It is a plain pound-like cake her Aunt Grace made up during the depression. Milk eggs butter...the basics. Last night I took a baking spell and made her one,of course I had to come home and make John one too because the house smelled good and got him in the mood for something sweet. While at mom's,she handed me a brown package. It was from Paul. I opened it to find this tin of buttons and old needle cards. They were from his grandmother. How thoughtful is that? Who does that? I was so touched by his gift. He wanted me to have them and to use them. There are buttons from his coat from his Marine days. He phoned a few days ago and we had a long and wonderful talk about nothing. It made me wish he lived closer. His wife is a doll too. I think this was the most special birthday gift I have ever received. He certainly surprised me.

Don't you love it when someone "gets" you? When they know you enjoy sentiment over lavish gifts? I always tell my friends I don't want or need anything,and I truly mean it. Unfortunately in today's society many feel we must show our love or thoughts by purchasing expensive gifts or giving things that will raise eyebrows. I despise the whole concept of gift giving holidays for that very reason. I think people get angry and flustered when such a holiday approaches because they are expected to go on a shopping spree not having a clue of what to buy. I have seen it in shopping malls, overhearing conversations,"Just get anything,she can always return it". Or,"She has everything, get her a gift certificate".Gee, I don't think I want to be the recipient of that "thoughtful" gift do you? Ok, maybe if it were a certificate from Barnes & Noble.....:-)

I am not "cheap", and I always give from the heart even when purchasing is my only option,but I think the most treasured gifts are given from deep within,and with the thought of the recipient appreciating it. I wish more people would give this way.

That is one thing I have learned and observed from the CQ world. We enjoy our hobby/Art and we give from our hearts.We send surprises unexpectedly with no expectations whatsoever to get something in return. There is an unwritten understanding that it is ok to share. I have learned that not everyone enjoys a hand made item and sees it as being frugal. I also know many of us have been the recipient of the crafter who glued lace on a lamp and called it home made. This is what gives the rest of us a bad rep. However, people do not realize that most handmade items take thought to plan,time to make,and love to give. When I am making something for a particular person, they are in my thoughts through the whole process,not just the few seconds it takes to pay for an item. Anyone can buy a gift, only those who want to give of themselves unselfishly will make one. That is my two cents on the subject! Sorry I got carried away, I just love my button box and the thought behind it!!!!!


  1. "When I am making something for a particular person, they are in my thoughts through the whole process,not just the few seconds it takes to pay for an item."

    This is so true! It's just so much more personal and meaningful to give a handmade gift from the heart. Well said!!

  2. What a special guy in your life. I hope you'll have the chance for more contact in the coming years....

  3. A wonderful sentiment. I too love the thought that goes into gifts like that. Many of my colleagues have given me their 'old rubbish' things like button boxes, or half finished bits of stitchery and bundles of nameless numberless threads, they don't understand why I see it as treasure.
    Your brother sounds like a very special guy.

  4. So true! Glad you found that special kinship with your brother, and that he 'gets you' as well as he does!

  5. Gosh! I thouhgt you were reading my mind and writing it all down! I make a lot of things for my close friends and family and now they actually expect my "something different" every year, which is great for me!
    I also always match my gift to the recipient with their favourite colours, or interests, I observe and "register" little details about people for later - you know the " I really like that blue necklace, the colour is amazing" or " That's my favourite flower".. all these just come out in my gifts to people and I must say that I am sorry when people don't notice what I like - don't they know what colours I wear? Didn't they listen when I said " I don't like that kind of ..." Or "ooh look at that fabulous..."? Not that I want to influence them in any way but tastes and dislikes come up in ordinary conversation!

    Anyway, I, like you, like surprise gifts. I keep with me a list of all my friends children's ages, so that when I spot a bargain I think "well who would look lovely in this?" Who could I make something with this for?" Well, here we are, I posted a comment as long as your post. sorry! Read you soon!

  6. What a wonderful gift Paul sent! He really does know you, and how special that he would share these with you.

  7. I want to dive into that button box!!!!! What a special treat!!!


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