Saturday, September 01, 2007

One woman's trash is another woman's treasure!

A local fiber artisit who makes the most beautiful scarves and jackets gave me a bag of her "trash" pieces. She can't stand to toss anything out, we all know how she feels. This morning I grabbed an armful and took them out to the garden with plastic grocery bags and dripped left over dye on them. There are so many different sheer fabrics such as burn out,Chiffon,Silk Organza,crepe,etc and each one came out beautifully. Here they are gathered after drying in the sun, then pressed to a somewhat neat order so they can be stored. I even dyed a Brazil Nut brown..Yum! Had to share my salvaged beauties with you.


  1. Beautiful Pat, an very nice treasure for sure.

  2. Ah...wonderful trash to treasure!!

  3. Awesome treasures !! Great job on dyeing too.


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