Thursday, September 13, 2007

For owe me!!!!

This "photo shoot" is for you Tatbit! I know it is nice to see your hard work being used, so here I am getting ready for dinner tonight. We are taking the bike to our favorite Mexican restaurant called "Hacienda". We actually have two favs,but this one is a little further toward MI. Anyway, I am wearing your gorgeous earrings you made for me and wanted to show you. You know how I despise showing my photo, but I took these myself just moments earlier for YOU!!!!!!!! I am sorry they are so dark, I had the bathroom lights on and used a flash????? Thanks again for these beauties, I do love them.......and yes, my mirror is dirty!

I couldn't handle so many pics of me so I deleted all but the one I can best see the earrings featured.


  1. Lovely pictures! The earrings really stand out, they are just right. I love your hair by the way! I wish mine behaved that well!

  2. What a sweetie you are! I love that you did that JUST FOR ME! Yes, I do love to see pictures and these will be treasured...

  3. Pat you are beautiful! And Tatbit those earrings are beautiful too!

  4. You look beautiful girl!!!I double clicked on the photos to see what it would be like to talk to you face to face!I love the wallpaper too!

  5. It is so wonderful to see you Pat! Lookin' good for that date with your DH, too..;-)

  6. Hi Pat, beautiful photoes. You are very photogenic, not to mention gorgeous. I can't really see the earrings, but it is lovely to see your face.


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