Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fan block finished.Thanks!

Thanks for all your suggestions. I had planned a vintage button for the center of the doily,I just wasn't sure if it should be glass,pearl, or metal. I chose a basket weave metallic one which isn't as shiny as the flash makes it seem to be. I then added vintage gold beads I had salvaged years ago from a dress to carry out the dull brass/gold button and add some "flash" to that area. Thread was over kill,so I removed it. I finished adding the border trim and green seed beads. Thanks for all the ideas, you too Chad ;-)


  1. Pat , you did a wonderful job ! I love it :)

  2. Very nice and just enough 'sparkle' at the bottom. So, what will this little beauty be now?????

  3. That looks really pretty, I love the way you finished the bottom of it.

  4. You always do such beautiful work, it's just lovely.


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