Thursday, August 02, 2007

Two Comfrot Dolls from Sammy Stafney

Today the mail brought two more dolls for our Women Shelter project. These beaded beauties were created by Sammy Stafney. You should see the beading in person. Wow!

Along with these wonderful dolls,Sammy wrote a heartwarming message and sent me this treasure. It is an Art Pendant. Don't you love it? It is fun and funky and naturally I read more into it as the image of the woman resembles my mother as a young girl,and the boy in the Sailor shirt on the slide reminds me of my father's Naval days. So you can imagine this is certainly a favorite piece already. It has such beautiful beads and is put together perfectly, and it is a beautiful Verdigris color. Thank you Sammy.Your dolls will become treasures for two special women. You are too kind gifting me with one of your creations. I will cherish it and it will be worn tomorrow!!!!! :-)


  1. Sammy's dolls are beautiful. As is everything she makes!
    Love the necklacwe she made for you too!

    I will be making some comfort dolls very soon.

  2. These dolls are going to give just that to their recipients: hope and joy. Dazzling!
    Pam's are gorgeous, too....

  3. What a stunning group of dolls created! Pat, you should be very proud of yourself for initiating such a beautiful group of artists to come together and HELP such a worthy cause.

  4. I am proud of everyone who takes their time and uses their talent in making such beautiful art pieces, then to donate them. I am in awe of the Artists that donate from something I started. It certainly makes my heart sing!


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