Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Season for SPIDERS!!!!!

With Summer winding down,at least here in Northern Indiana, I have found myself face first in several spider webs last the past two weeks.

You would think I would learn to carry a stick with me first thing in the morning while walking through the garden,but nooooooo, I have to get freaked out every time. It is an awful feeling, right up there with stepping on a cold snake barefoot in the Summer. Yuck!!!! I always let out a gasp and then do "the dance", you know the one, the "FREAK"! After my embarrassing movements have stopped,thank goodness my garden is secluded, I search frantically for the master of the web, I quickly pick off all the web I can find,usually missing a clump in my hair until I go to take it down for the evening and get freaked out again by the feel of a soft mass of fluff. This is instinct, self preservation. Save yourself no matter if you are destroying a beautiful web the spider worked so hard to create. There is always the feeling of destruction and guilt after every incident. I do get over it, but you can't look at the photo of the spider web I took in front of the house,and not see the beauty.

With the invasion of spiders, I thought I would talk about the association of spiders to Crazy Quilter's. Rumor has it that in Victorian times when nature was embraced and studied by many, the Victorian embroiderers admired spiders for being proficient in their web making,and they see beauty and a soft glistening of the web. They in turn stitched a spider on their work,usually crazy quilting, to add luck in hopes that they too would be sewing up a storm with such perfection and speed. Now there are several stories of spiders and crazy quilter's. This is the one I enjoy most. It seems to fit nicely I think.

Many of us add spiders to our work because they are cute when stitched, plus we need a spider in our SRE gardens,don't we? A few years ago I made a sample of steps to create a simple spider with two beads and metallic fine thread. It was posted in CQMagonline and I thought I would share it again while on the topic of spiders. I also shared some of my CQ blocks with a spider addition. There are many spider interpretations and I would love to see yours if you would like to share them on your blog. Any takers?


  1. Hi Pat,

    First, I can't tell you how much I love making my little Comfort Kitty Dolls for your charity. What a wonderful feeling to do something nice for someone we don't even know!

    Second, my goodness, spiderwebs are one of my favorite CQ motifs! I've done gobs and gobs of them! All photos are in my Flickr albums.

    I know that dance that you mentioned. And I do it no matter what bug I find on me! Earwigs cause a particularly interesting physical expression but I won't even try to describe that!


  2. Pat, I learned to love spiders after I started CQing. There are so many beautiful ones!
    This is blackberry picking time, and I am always on the look out for the HUGE black and yellow spiders show up around now....deliciously shivery!
    That web on this post looks like a basket, it is woven so finely. That would be a challenge to sew...but cool...

    Your comfort doll is really wonderful, not a pickle at all. Love those arms, too...will have to check out that site.

  3. What a beautiful web. In order to leave our garden I regularly have to walk through webs, and yes I do 'the dance' I also know of the other creepy crawly dances which Pam mentions. I'd much rather come face to face with the beauties you ladies stitch.

  4. I've always loved spiders, because they eat icky bugs. =) My sister feels as you do, though. The spider web in the second picture is just awesome!

  5. I like your spider hanging down her web :-)
    Just yesterday I stitched my first spiderweb on a CQ-block. It's a purse now and you can see it in my blog. I also used it for the header of the blog.
    It's nothing spectacular, because I'm still a beginner in crazy-quilting but I love visiting your blog, your work is very inspiring.

  6. Pat, I love your spiders..I don't mind the spiders in my garden as long as they stay out there and I do not like getting into their web either.
    Thank you for posting how to make a spider, I have not made many.

  7. My favorite story about why spiders turn up on Victorian CQ's is that those were the days before screen windows. Spiderwebs in the window frames caught at least some of the flying insects that would otherwise end up inside the house when the windows were open for fresh air!

    I like making the webs but usually use a spider charm if I can...


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