Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My second doll....don't laugh,smile!

This is my Comfort Doll which is headed to the New Mexico Shelter. My electric was out for two hours so I put the finishing touches on her. I used my dyed silk velvet for her body and a pattern from Dollmakersjourney. Velvet is so forgiving, I love that.
I wanted to use the Stump work wings because she is on a journey which the tag states. Hopefully the journey the recipient is on will be a brighter one. The arms are from Artgirlz,and the face is a removable beaded brooch which can be worn if desired. When I was stuffing her body it looked like I was making a pickle. I had to smile and hope she doesn't resemble a pickle when finished.


  1. Pat she is a very lovely comfort doll and what a creative idea to add jewlery that can be removed. Another creative idea from a very creative person.

  2. WOW, she's a 'doll'! The arms are very cool and the removable face is very clever.

  3. Dear Pat, your doll is lovely and you always go the extra mile, such a great idea to make the face removable then your recipient can always have her near her.
    Your bew updated blog is delightful, just like you and it all speaks to me of you and who you are. A trully creative, wonderful caring person. It is a joy to come on over and catch up with you for the day.
    Tons of love
    from me

  4. This is a wonderful doll for comfort ! The soft velvety healing green. How Perfect !

  5. I'm glad *you* find velvet forgiving! I'm the one who needs forgiveness whenever I work with the stuff!!!

  6. This doll is amazing! Love the color and shape... has a wonderful, earthy feeling-going to make one gal a perfect companion during this time of healing.


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