Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More dolls on their way

Take a look at these delightful dolls from Marjorie Holme in IL. They have hearts inside and inspiring messages on each one. I have to share what she wrote and hope she doesn't mind. It is so sweet,"Each has eyes to see, hands to make their life and feet so they can move on when they need to, or to move forward into their new life. Each also has a heart, inside, with JOY written on it and each has a little charm with a positive statement."They are taking a visit with her to her guild meeting and then they will travel here. Thank you Marjorie so much.

I think the second dozen dolls will be going to the Center for Women in transition in Holland, MI instead of New Mexico. I can't seem to contact NM,but will keep them on our list after the Utah(3rd dozen). I will keep you informed.
When Marjorie's dolls get here, we will have our second dozen to send with two dolls remaining to start on the third dozen which will go to Utah.

I must say I am flabbergasted at your participation in this project. It is amazing to watch these pour in,each beautiful,unique,and made with love which spills from every one. Thank you,thank you,thank you!!!


  1. I love these dolls. Funky is right up my alley. LOL. They are great! The note is very touching. What a wonderful sentiment.

    I'm also very happy to see a batch going to Utah, as I was born (and mostly raised) there and miss the mountains terribly.

  2. Pat I just love these dolls! Definetely bring a smile to someones face!

  3. Hi Pat... wonderful additions! Wanted to let you know my 2 beaded dolls went out in the mail today. Thanks again for all you do!


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