Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lovely Sassa Lynne threads to me.

Susan surprised me today with these beautiful Sassa Lynne Pearle Fine threads.Sneaky girl! The first time I heard of these were a few days ago on Gerry's Blog. I thought they were gorgeous,and I was right. A nice sheen, and Susan knows I will put them to good use. Earthy colors, just in time for Autumn. I can't choose a favorite. You may have turned me on to a new thread. Oh dear!
Thank you Susan, but watch your back. :-)


  1. Oh, good, they arrived! I picked colors I thought you would use. =) I'm glad you like them. Wait until you stitch with them!

  2. They are a dream to stitch with, aren't they? Susan's a sweetheart and certainly "in the know".


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