Sunday, August 05, 2007

Gorgeous Vintage treasure from Ellen

This silk garment was given to Ellen from a schoolmate years ago. Ellen passed it on to me because she knew I could use it as stash. Well, I intend on doing just that eventually. I just have to get used to the idea of cutting it up. It is like a piece of Art. Soft pale Aqua and lilac silk with stunning appliqué and trims. It is Oriental in style and shows a little age which makes it even more beautiful. I hope someone got use from this jacket because it is gorgeous.
When I get brave I will salvage the yards of delicate trim before I cut into the fabric. It will be painful,but I plan on creating something for Ellen with it first. After all, it was from a friend who wanted her to have it. Thank you Ellen, I am soaking up the beauty for a bit.


  1. That's beautiful, and perfect colors. It reminds me of India.

  2. the Oriental jacket is lovely I rekcon I would have a difficult time cutting it up too. I am sure Ellen will love anything you make and it will even be nicer as a surprise.


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