Saturday, August 18, 2007

Exciting venture

Thursday my son returned to Purdue for his last year of college. It is always a sad time to see him off. I know it always will be tugging at my heart strings when I won't be seeing him for a while. I have accepted that.
He moved into a beautiful new apartment with all the bells and whistles, so we had to buy a few things and settle him in. Since his car couldn't hold his personal refrigerator he keeps in his room,we followed him down in the Honda. Unfortunately I acquired a migraine . Perhaps from stress,or the air conditioner,who knows? This did not keep me from finishing my Comfort doll or adding embellishments to some purse flaps however. It is almost gone,just a throb at the moment. So on to the exciting news...........................

I was invited to join an exclusive juried show in my area. One which I have attended in the past which offers an assortment of fiber arts from highly talented artists from the Midwest. As I pondered the idea,wondering if my things were up to par, I decided, what will it hurt? This means,I now have two months to create my brains out. This will take time from my blog, but sacrifices must be made. I don't do shows, but this one is too tempting,if only to meet the artists of the fabulous work I have viewed in the past.

I will keep you posted on my venture. I am excited just to be asked I must admit.:-)


  1. YES! About time they recognized your marvelous talent!

  2. You pulled at my heartstrings...I am in the midst of helping my son to prepare for his new adventure...his firts apartment in another city ... our mother hormones are sure high.

    I came across your site a week ago and I really enjoy it. I love the idea of comfort dolls and have decided that it is my next project. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Peggy (Québec, Canada)


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