Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Embellished Lace bracelet

While deleting some old files,I ran across these Lace bracelets I had made a few years ago. They are easy to make and are nice gifts when you have someone hard to buy for.

Just take a piece of wide lace and sew on beads,charms,shells,or what ever you wish. Add silk ribbon embroidered flowers or sew on store bought ribbon flowers. Finish off with hidden tiny snap,line with matching felt or soft fabric and ta da!

Just something to share.


  1. Too cute. What a great, fun, easy project. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love those! So beautiful! What does the back look like I'm curious? I'd love to make some! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Pat those are lovely! You're right what a wonderful gift:)

  4. Oh I love these bracelets ! I had made something with lace into a bracelet a few years ago....nothing like this REALLY ! these are just WONDERFul and perfect ! Now I want to try again.

    Thanks for the Inspiration.
    Love, S

    ps lots of people have written to me Off The Blog to say they are participating in your Comfort Doll Project so I would think you will be getting more emails soon ! And I wanted to be sure and ask you if I got the facts right in the blog post....incase I don't , you just let me know so I can revise.
    I read thru your posts and Jo's and I always worry after I have researched theset things - Did I get it ? Have I relayed the info right ??? laughing. So you will let me know if I have anything bassakwards !?

  5. Love this idea! Thank you for sharing!! I came in by way of *Baumcat a wonderful site that I regularly visit!

    I am looking at your favorite blog list and am absolutely shocked and pleasantly surprised that you list a ~dear family friend of mine Hiedeko from Japan!!~
    The world is getting smaller!!
    Come by and visit. Nice to meet you!
    hugs NG


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