Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dyeing fabric,lace,and scraps

Thursday was another rainy day,then hot and humid,so when Ellen phoned and said she had dyes on the table, I gathered some old laces,doily's,and brocade fabric and off I went.

Naturally I played with the purple and green shades. I always wanted to dye doily's but never thought I would use a large dyed doily,so I put it off. I love the doily in green and know exactly where it will go, on a purse which will be heavily encrusted with beads and such. I can imagine it already. I also had some heavy border lace that was too large for my everyday CQ projects. I love them now,again,I know what they will be used on. I am going to gather all of my large laces and heavy doily's and have some more fun next week. I will try to stay away from green and purple....I said I'll TRY! No promises.


  1. Hey Pat, can you email me I have a comfort spirit doll ready & don't know where to send it....thanks Jody

  2. You and Ellen are having so much fun! I'd love to join in one fine day....

  3. I love the dying you did! It looks like you two had way too much fun - probably illegal to have that much fun. =)

  4. Awsome , looks like you two had a grand time :) Makes me wanna whip out the dyes too but I have to go work on the dog pens :(

  5. You've got some really great color effects here! I like the multi color look on the 3rd picture.


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