Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another Cat original!!!!

Today was quite the mail day! This "pretty in pink "beauty arrived from Cat B in her signature style. She is embroidered everywhere and I have "faith" she will be loved! Cat, thanks again for yet another glorious doll donation.
You didn't know it, but the thoughtful Hollyhock seeds you sent me were my father's favorite flower. I will happily plant them in my memory garden and think of you and him when they bloom . You are so sweet. Thank you.


  1. Oh that doll is sweet.

    Love that PINK !

    And the HOllyhocks were such a special touch.

    beautiful beautiful stitches

  2. This doll just strikes me as so happy and positive. Perfect for the cause!

    I have a memory garden is just the best way to evoke a loved one, planting the flowers they grew themselves...

  3. Thanks Pat! Enjoy the Hollyhocks, mine reached over 9 feet tall on a few stalks!

  4. It looks like you might have another dozen ready to go soon! How exciting this is turning out to be. All the dolls are so different, but so wonderful.


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