Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Angel Unaware

Yesterday I had quite a productive morning doing all a Domestic Engineer can do, so I trotted off to see "Stardust" with Ellen. We had the theater to ourselves which was very nice. We sat with our Clementines which Ellen was smart to toss in her purse, and enjoyed the show. I kept noticing all of the rich fabrics, and Ellen liked the yarn wigs. The show was entertaining and very sweet. Robert De Nero was my favorite character I must say. Anyway, I promised myself I would catch up on stitching today however I learned about a silent auction for a little girl named Ava on Courtney Prudhomme's blog which melted my heart. She has Pfeifer syndrome. She is truly an angel and I must contribute to this family. I just gathered some fabrics and stitched a pouch and neck purse in hopes I am not to late to donate. I am waiting for a reply . In the meantime, I am headed off to the garden to embellish and get these mailed tomorrow.
Here is the link to the silent auction ,
Have a wonderful day!

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