Friday, July 27, 2007

Teaching the twins CQ and dyeing with Ellen

Yesterday was a full one for me. My friend's twins wanted a CQ lesson so they could make purses before school started. We started off at 8:00 am with choosing fabrics and learning to piece. After we worked for an hour or so, we headed over to Ellen's because she had invited us to dye. The girls brought old shirts and socks to over dye and of course I took pre washed and conditioned silk ribbons. Ellen handed each of us one of her dye aprons and we began. The girls had a blast. Ellen also gave each of them cotton fabric to play with. We came home and while I got the studio ready for embellishment class, the girls took a swim. It was very hot and humid. We had a quick lunch and back to their purses. We stopped around 5:30 and had root beer floats and chatted until their mom arrived. It was a fun day for all.


  1. Anonymous12:26 PM CDT

    They had sooo much fun...I wish I could have played as well. They want to show you what they have done so expect a few visitors later...they also think Ellen was a lot of fun adn they wish to dye with her again sometime you go....thye raved about the root beer floats, so I'm off to the store for root beer and ice cream, (I bet they say Miss Pats are better)..take care rose

  2. What lucky girls to be able to spend the day with both you and Ellen.


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