Monday, July 23, 2007

New peoject and garden time with a friend

Thought I would share what I did over the weekend. Saturday night a friend who needed some encouraging words stopped by and wanted to talk so out to the garden we went. It was almost dark so I turned on the little white lights strung in the trees and the fountain was running a soft trickle which seemed so relaxing that I brought out a bottle of the new wine I recently discovered with Allie. Rose is not much of a drinker and I swear neither am I, but we certainly did enjoy a tall glass together. I lit the candles and we sat under the stars and twinkling . Ilights with our eyes closed and talked of past and present. I was as if we were 12 again. She hated to go, but did return Sunday morning after mass for a bit. She said it was great therapy and her mind was clearer. The magic of a garden!!!! We made plans to get her garden in shape. She loved smelling the phlox and the colorful coneflower. That is our Fall project.

We also arranged for her twins to come over on Thursday for a crazy quilt purse making lesson. I was thrilled to hear they got a sewing machine of their own. They have been making tank tops
and square purses,but didn't remember how to embellish. Well.......come on down girls!!!! I am excited to refresh their memory. These are the twins that used to leave tiny pink "fairy" notes and gifts in my garden years ago. I would be pulling weeds, and there would be this wrapped object with a tiny pink envelope tied to it. It was usually a fragrant Lavender soap or candle, box of tea, or something they had made me. I saved the little fairy notes, and someday will return them when they are married and/or expecting.

Yesterday afternoon I finished a dark purse with rich colors and immediately had to start a lighter one. I know that sounds weird, but dark colors aren't my favorite to work with. Anyway, I stitched up this Aqua/turquoise block and headed to the porch to start embellishing. I have another purse in the works, so I am not sure how quickly this one will get done. I only work when the inspiration hits. I can't force myself to stitch, as most of you may agree. Let it flow from your imagination, not pick it out with tweezers.

I hope you all have a pleasant day with lots of sunshine!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your soothing story and your stitching. They have brought a little sunshine to this poor rain soaked island. : )

  2. Hi Pat, first thanks for visiting my blog recently. That means a lot that you took the time to drop by and say hi.

    Thank you for sharing that wonderful story. I felt that I was right there with you. You should become an author do you know that? You have a way of making a person feel they are living the story. I love the little gifts the twins left you and I think giving them back one day will be wonderful. Perhaps you could do a wall hanging and add them to it?

  3. Anonymous12:32 PM CDT

    Pat you are a wonderful friend, you know how to listen, and everything you say makes so much sense and you definatley are a lot of fun, I swear, anytime I'm around you no matter what my crisis is, you can make me laugh...and I really appreciate that in you, along with your taste in wine....I say grab the bottle of honey wine and I'll be in your beautiful garden at dusk.


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