Monday, July 30, 2007

My comfort doll joined the group.....finally

This little comfort doll was born last night around 7:00. She has been hanging around in my mind and never quite escaped until now. She was conceived around 5:00 and delivered at 7:00, quite a fast delivery. That's how I like em! :-)

When I started this project, I made a promise to myself that every group that goes out includes one from me. I am not a doll maker as most of you know, so this was intimidating. I put it off until the last minute in hopes that a miracle would happen and one would show up on my desk. I chose CQ...what else?This one looks lopsided but it is the angle in which I took the photo. This one has a tag that reads,"Believe" in hopes that the recipient will believe in herself and a brighter future.

Thank you Vanessa for sending me the pattern , and thank you Ronda Kivett for making the pattern and having it available for all at


  1. She is lovely, Pat. The bead work is just beautiful. You must work at the speed of light! LOL.

  2. Yur doll is awesome! I will be sending out two dolls to you tomorrow (Tuesday) for your comfort project... It is such a great idea... as one who has beaten by a man once and once was enough for me, I understand how it hurts more t hen just the bruses!

  3. Pat she is beautiful!! Hopefully you will have to make a lot more of these dolls. I know I plan to keep on making them.

  4. I wondered when we would see a doll from you. She is gorgeous!!
    Mine are sitting here waiting for me to get 'around' to writing a note to go with them...
    Lovely work.

  5. I am so far behind on blog hopping, I have spent some time on your blog with all this gorgeous eye candy. Love your blog hon!!


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