Sunday, July 08, 2007


It is 100 degrees here today! I can't spend much time in the pool because I got a pretty good burn on my face and arms yesterday.

My husband wanted to go for a motorcycle ride so we ventured out with #45 sunblock, thinking we would be fine. Well, we decided to go visit our son at Purdue which is almost two hours away. To top it off, we took a new route which was a bit longer. Did I mention we left in the morning while it was still a bit cool? Very deceiving!!!!! I was never so happy to enter my son's apartment!!! After we cooled off a bit and I untangled my hair to resemble some sort of style, Ed took us to see his new apartment he will be moving into in Aug. My husband and I want to move there!!!! It is amazing! Only $100 more per month, and it is his senior year, so we decided to go for it. It is beautiful. The kitchen is amazing and it is a four bed/bath layout with ultimate privacy. Not like the current digs.
Pool,game room, tanning rooms,tennis courts,computer room with computers, free paper,copier,sand volleyball,snack bar,etc. It looks like a penthouse! I will definitely not be feeling sorry for him next semester. After Ed forced us to return to the car, we went to Red Lobster for lunch. Ed loves Tilapia and I can't argue with him eating fish. I should be so disciplined. I go for the shrimp ,Lobster or scallops, yes, with butter!!!

What a long story just to tell you I am house bound for a few days in this horrid heat. It is too hot to go to the beach in the early mornings too. I took mom a few days ago and we couldn't breath. You can sure tell Summer is here and kids are out of school. The once beautiful smooth shoreline is pocked with huge holes and sandcastles,liter,popped balloons that travel from who knows where. Just disheartening to see after the beauty of the previous months with minimum visitors. Oh well, I guess I have to share my beach with the world. Speaking of which, as mom and I approached a bunch of papers on the shore I made looked at her in disgust and she said " Now Pat, you can't clean up the beach for your friend who's visiting you know, I don't think Ken would appreciate your request." Then we cracked up laughing. She knows me too well. Ken is one of the National Lakeshore workers whose job it is to beautify the beaches and parks in our area. It was so funny because I had told her I get to show Allie "my" beach. Mom, gotta love her!
Well, if I were a smart person I would have turned on the air conditioner when I sat down. Now I am hot and am thinking about taking another quick dip. Soon the sun will be off the pool and I can relax with a Bailey's on ice.....ahhhhh! Keep cool!

To sum it up, Hot day,Sunburn,Husband's fault,spoiled son,messy beach,funny mom,Bailey's!!!!

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  1. Sounds like a great place your son will have. Mine was so happy to be able to live in the Senior dorms. They are set up with 4 bedrooms around a central kitchen and living room, 2 baths. At his age, he didn't want to live the way the Freshmen do!

    I know just how you feel about your beach, because that's the way I felt about "my" desert! I hated seeing all the things people would throw out there in the spring and fall, which is when it's mostly visited.

    Are you counting the days until Allie's visit? =)


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