Friday, July 27, 2007

Glutton for punshment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After I ran errands this morning I hurried home to dye more velvet. My order arrived yesterday morning before the girls arrived,so I didn't have a chance to prep more ribbons and velvet before going to Ellen's and I just didn't get dyeing out of my system yesterday. Soooooooooo....I stood and dyed for a few hours this afternoon, and actually just finished a bit ago. Here they are laying on the back deck table to dry. I hope a wind storm doesn't pop up or I'll be chasing ribbons around the yard! Don't laugh, it has happened before. Look!!! I dyed orange and reds!!!! Big step for me and my comfort zone huh? Every once in a while I find myself needing an orange or red for something. I love how that purple blue and weird green velvet turned out. I can't wait to use it. My feet are so tired. I think it is time for a warm bubble bath and honey wine. Ta ta for now!


  1. Anonymous12:21 PM CDT

    Good day Miss Pat...I do enjoy your beautiful fabrics...I hope they don't blow away....By the way, the girls are still talking about their day with Miss Pat and Ellen...they had such a good time, last night I heard them at 2 AM at the kitchen table working on their crazy quilts.....thank you!

  2. Love your wonderful colors, as you know!

  3. That velvet is spectacular.
    I like seeing some of those nice warm colors in your palette, too...;-)

  4. Wonderful colors. Love the velvet. What kind is it that you dyed?


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