Monday, July 09, 2007

Beautiful card from a new friend

I was honored to meet a delightful lady,Brenda Tuck, from Napier,New Zealand a few weeks ago. You may remember my post about a student of Ellen's and our fabric jaunt into Chicago?

Well, I had been dyeing ribbons this morning and I went to check the mail and found this beautiful handmade card from Brenda. She is visiting a friend in Florida right now and mailed this to me. It is a coincidence that the ribbons I dyed looked like the Abalone shells in the card. I had to photograph them together so you could see.The card has such a delicate look. The base is a hand dyed pale cotton with the shells, sequins,and beading in an underwater theme. In person it is so pretty. Thank you Brenda!!!

It is sweltering here in Indiana for the third day. Whew! Forcing me to stay inside,I am working on a secret small project which I will share soon.


  1. Oh Pat ~ you are So funny! This reminds me of the time my Mom was coming for a visit from South Carolina. I made repeated phone calls to our town asking if they would come by my street with the street sweeper so it would look pretty for Mom's visit.They finaly came the day she arrived! Have LOT'S of "crazy" fun with your special visitor!

  2. Oops! I left this comment on the wrong post ~ it goes on the one before this! Oh well ~ this card it SO pretty!

  3. That's a beautiful card. How thoughtful of her! She got your colors just right. =) It sounds like you are getting your weather a day after us. So tomorrow should be nice!


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