Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Anticipation...... morning garden stroll

Well, Allie is one day away from visiting and the weather looks like it is going to cooperate. It is in the 70's instead of the 90's and will remain that way through Friday. Yeah!!!! I can't wait for our meeting. My husband asked if he should just disappear for the night. He knows he won't be getting much attention because of my excitement to meet Allie. He's a funny guy,but knows me well.

I took advantage of the cool morning and strolled through the garden with camera in hand. I wish I had more variety in bloom but that is nature. What is blooming you ask? Well, the Purple Coneflower,and the new pale pink one Judy from MI brought me, Garden Phlox,which is very fragrant,Day lilies,Globe Thistle, Rose of Sharon trees are starting to bloom and some Hosta. I let the rest of my Lavender bloom because I love the blooms but rarely see them because I harvest while in the bud stage.I guess some color is better than none. I just wish everything would bloom at once and for three full months. That would be a dream. I guess I will take a project to the front porch and try to keep busy until Allie's arrival. See you soon Allie!!!!


  1. That would be a dream! I sometimes wish the same thing! LOL I hope you have an awesome vist!

  2. Oh Pat, I will be on my way soon....and am so happy about this!

    Please assure your husband that he need not disappear on my account....! I look forward to meeting him too..;-)

  3. Pat, your garden is lovely. Beautiful flowers. Hope you and
    Allie enjoy your visit and tell us
    all about what you two did.
    hugs janice

  4. Glad you had a break in the weather for your visit! Hope the beach is great. The garden looks wonderfully decked out for the visit. Maybe Allie will make one of her wonderful bouquets for you!

  5. I bet Allie enjoyed her visit and your lovely flowers too. I love that deep coloured day lily.


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