Saturday, June 23, 2007

rainy day

It is a rainy morning here in Chesterton. Right now it is just "spitting". I have been out trimming the Wisteria by the pool which is full of Japanese beetles. I squished them as they fell!!!!! I am a warrior when it comes to those nasty insects. I hate it when they land in my hair and get tangled.Yuck!

As I walked through the garden this morning I noticed the Phlox and Day lilies are about to bloom. The Globe Thistle is turning it's lovely periwinkle color,and my grandma's Seven Sister's roses are blooming across the trellis. The Purple Coneflower should be blooming shortly also. The special Cone flower my friend Judy presented me with a few weeks ago is ready to bloom as well. The Cone flower's are huge this year and look so healthy. The poor Campanula's are still going although they need a little support from the weight of the tremendous amount of blooms. I must tend to that this weekend.
We need the rain but I'm afraid it isn't a soaking rain so there will be little benefit from it. It did cool off our 90 degree weather we have been experiencing though. Great pool weather, but one cannot live in a pool! It seems to have become a full rain now so I guess the rest of the day will be spent finishing a purse. I hope it pours for a while.

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  1. It all sounds lush as can be.
    Love the flowers in the umbrella, too.


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