Friday, June 22, 2007

New book to explore and play with

A few weeks ago I had the itch to browse for Stumpwork books. My favorite Author is naturally Divan Niekerk from S. Africa. I was delighted to find a book I didn't hear about called,"The perfect World in Ribbon embroidery and Stumpwork". Better yet, I found it on Amazon for quite a deal. It arrived two days ago but with running around and yard work, I didn't get to actually sit and absorb the beauty until last night. I am about to head to the front porch with a cup of tea to further indulge in the glorious book. It is full of creatures and wondrous floral ideas. It is most certainly a must have in my world. I cannot wait to pick up needle a thread after I choose a project. You must check it out. If you live near a Barnes and Noble, you can order it and browse through without purchasing, but I promise it is a great wealth of info so you can save cash for more stash and go straight to :-) More about this book as I study it. I will try to leave no drool spots!!!!!!

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  1. I have this book, Pat. It IS gorgeous!! I would also like to get my hands on her one about SRE. That looks devine as well.


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