Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More lace painting....................Sara's Bloom info

Here are a few more lace painted items and the information to obtain the dyes I used. I attend the International Spring Quilt Festival in Chicago each year and Sara is always there with her drop dead beautiful laces just painting away for all to see. She answers any questions as she demonstrates her lace painting.

Lace painting is actually dyeing only she uses a Japanese brush and paint on the dye. This allows for specific color application and blending to achieve more detail. I have used Procion MX as well, but Sara's Bloom dyes are mixed directly on the laces if desired. I also am able to dye in my studio which has white carpet without fear of spilling cups of dye because these dyes are in small bottles for easy control. They blend so perfectly.
The large lace piece in the second picture unders Sara's info was a pre-dyed pink piece. I wanted to color the leaves green because I can't leave anything alone (vbg) and I couldn't stop there and tinted some flowers with purple and mixed color. Now it will be easier to use in my work whereas it probably would have sat in my laces forever. It is too pretty for that. So, you can over dye laces if they are a lighter color so don't pass on those lace deals people!

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