Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lace painting

Last night I brought out the dye bottles from Sarah's Bloom and gathered some white lace appliqué's to dye.
The colors are deeper than they appear. My favorite it the top row in the first photo. It is dark purple,lavender,and gray.
During my dyeing a good friend stopped by and we had a nice visit. It was a pleasant evening. She is off today so we may hit some resale shops and Barnes & Noble. I always have a fun time with Laney.She has five sisters and they "adopted" me because I have none.


  1. The laces and motifs are beautiful. What dyes do you recommend? I've tried this a time or two and have only managed to screw up expensive laces.

  2. Is Sarah's Bloom a brand? I love your deep, rich colors, but can't seem to achieve them with the dyes I've tried. I searched but don't find her...

  3. Pat, my goodness - that lace is gorgeous! I don't know how you have such patience to dye lace like that. It is so beautiful!!!

  4. I love every one of them, but I think my favorite is the bottom one on the first picture. These bear a strange resemblance to your silk ribbon! LOL! I used some of your very poxed green today and loved it.

  5. They are all very lovely, Pat.


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