Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Oh Happy Day! That is what was written on the package this beautiful beaded and tatted turtle came in today. I have been home waiting for the water man all day. Did he show? Of course not. It rained on and off, but he was delivering water!!!!!
Well, I did a little gardening and mom stopped by for a short visit. The day wasn't wasted, but I could have been finishing my paint job.

Tomorrow my friend Judy Grant will be arriving in the AM and I am so in need of some company, especially one who enjoys CQ. I have gotten off subject as usual,sorry. I am just excited and can't stay focussed.

So......after waiting for a no show, I went to check my mail and there was this ever so delicate,scrumptiously beautiful tatted turtle necklace from my super talented friend Tatbit. What a surprise! The colors and beads in this necklace are frosted sage and pale lilac. Tatbit described what the stones were and I must share because it was very touching as you shall see.

Turtle stone is a Peace Jade: A stone of gentleness. I can see hearts in it.Way cool!
The green rounds are Green Adventuriine:Adventuine enhances creativity.It is the heart charm which activates to clear and protect the heart. This is weird, because Friday I had to have an EKG!!! Spooky Tatbit.
It also provides Joy and Clairity .While wearing this necklace,I'm supposed to have joy in my heart....Oh yes I will, for more reasons than the special stones. Being from a dear friend is definitely a reason to have joy in my heart . Thank you Tatbit, you certainly are a sweetie.


  1. That is truly a beautiful necklace.

    There is a whole science of the affects of different gemstones on the body...metals, too. I don't know much about it, but I do wear a bracelet of gold, silver, and copper..and so far, so good!
    Have a fun day with your friend tomorrow. Wish I could come visit, myself!

  2. "twilight zone music playing in the ether" This turtle said he wanted to go your way and the turtle is always right!

    Hope you are okay sweetie? EKG? Yikes! How perfect is the Adventurine? Yes, I believe that rocks have special magic too!

    I'm glad that the turtle brought JOY (and that your hyper-tension is resolved quickly. NO MORE PESTICIDES!)

  3. What a lovely gift -- and what perfect timing. This is so thoughtful.

    Hope you and Judy have having a fantastic day today -- I'm sure you are. How wonderful.

    Beadin' Gram


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