Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Girlfriend day!!!!!!!

Yesterday I had the most wonderful "girlfriend" day. My friend Laney had stopped by Monday evening and we decided we needed a fun day. Yesterday she picked me up at 9:00 and we headed for Barnes & Noble. We browsed the magazines as we treated ourselves to a fattening,cool,orange drink from Star bucks. Then we wandered over to the crafting area and planted ourselves as we do on the floor in front of them regretting the time we will have to get back up. I really think they should put a bench there. It seems all the mechanic and tool type magazines are on the middle shelves for easy access however all the quilting, beading, sewing books are right along the bottom shelves near the floor. Amazing how that works!
Anyway, we must have gone through 90% of them before our "behinds" became numb so we decided it was time to gather what we wanted and high tail it to our next destination, Panera Bread. As if the orange drink hadn't blown my daily consumption of carbs, I ordered an Asiago cheese bagel. Yes, I ate every crumb and enjoyed it immensely.

We then visited Michael's crafts where I found the mother load of cute ribbons on wooden spools. Just too tempting for a crazy quilter. I also found another colorful copyright free image book with CD, not by Dover.
It seems this is catching on! I can't wait to transfer and play. The day was getting hotter and was already humid so we decided what the heck, let's get haircuts. Now, if you know me at all you know I do not like change, but a haircut was a needful thing. We went back to Chesterton and Bullettes took us right in. I had a few inches cut off(4") and a ton of long layers. I can still have my ponytail and chignon, so I am happy. I haven't played with it yet but can tell it is a great cut...finally!
Next stop....resale!!!!! I found a chambray shirt for gardening or bike riding,and a pretty floral shirt for mom. She likes brights,and this is bright. We then ventured off to the grocery store for the usual basics and I cheated and bought a roasted chicken with the trimmings for dinner. Hey, it was in the 90's, I had an excuse not to cook. Besides, I wanted to browse my new books. ;-)

It was a wonderful day and we made a promise to do this at least once a month. Life gets way too busy. Make time for your good friends and renew your relationship from time to time. Do you have a friend who needs time out? Give her a call,I bet she's home. Have a great day everyone.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, haircut and all! You deserve it! Thanks a lot for the dye info!

  2. What a GREAT day! I know JUST what you mean about sitting on the floor at Barnes and Noble! Sometimes I come across little stools at ours that I drag over. So after reading this entry ~ I was drooling SO badly for the icy cold orange drink ~ I went to Friendly's and got one! I put a pic of it on my blog! heh!heh! Love Ya!

  3. What a fabulous time you had, it sounds like. I love B & N, Bookmans, Borders, Hastings - any any little bookshop I come across. =) My favorite place to spend time.

    I also like those orange creme things from Starbucks - no coffee. Tastes like that orange covered ice cream I ate as a child. I also love the almond - just yummy!


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