Friday, June 22, 2007

Enlightening day with a quilter from New Zealand

As I had mentioned in a previous post, Ellen Anne Eddy has been teaching a student from New Zealand this week and included me in their venture to a magnificent fabric warehouse in Chicago on Monday. Wednesday I invited them over because they both wanted to learn the transfer method. Brenda Tuck is the student from NZ and is such a delightful lady. She is a quilter who is learning Ellen's machine embroidery technique and I learned she also dabbles in crazy quilting. She said she will be gathering her CQ supplies to take with her next year when her husband retires and they will be traveling in a bus. I assume a bus in NZ is a travel home. She wanted some Bliss kits I had put together to add to her stash. I told her that her money was no good here :-).It is fun to surprise people with unexpected gifts. She gave a fight, but I won...after all, it is my territory right?

She learned the heat transfer method in all of one minute and after their visit they headed straight to buy the tool. Brenda brought me some of her beautiful Brocades which she said she had noticed I hadn't purchased. Wasn't that so kind? We had a show and tell of fabrics,talked up a storm,and shared ideas. Before they left, we took a stroll through the garden and had such a nice relaxed visit. I hope to see her again before she leaves on Monday. Perhaps I will invite her to Erica's?

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