Monday, May 21, 2007

Tagged by Cathy for sharing studio

Cathy from "Partly paper" tagged me to share my studio with you. I made a slide show instead of adding photos here.
I just took these pictures because I am about to get knee deep in a project and thought this would be the chance before you couldn't see the cutting table. My studio is a spare bedroom. It had ugly barn board dark paneling that I painted cream with a pale green glaze to lighten them up. Then I added a sewing themed border I found at Hobby lobby a few years ago. I use the clear front plastic units for almost every item. The larger ones are perfect to separate your fabrics into colors, smaller ones are great for special laces and charms. I try to keep everything in one area so I can walk around each "station" with my project and gather supplies to work with and not have to fiddle with opening boxes or bags and digging through piles of stash. Although it bothers my husband to see so much stuff on display, for me it is so convenient, besides, I do have a door when it gets bad!

I found the "CREATE" sign at Hob Lob and it is my inspiration piece. My husband designed the bead cases on the wall which is a godsend. It is so great to have them where I can see and grab a tube I need. I have my ribbons and some favorite threads on DMC displays which I bought when Hancock fabrics closed. They are perfect storage pieces.

Well, that is my creative area. The other side of the room has my computer desk where I "talk" to you all. Behind the curtains are books and more books. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Thank you Cathy for such wonderful comments about me, my head is still swollen.
I tag Julia from Western AU,and Hideko from Japan to share their creative place with us.

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