Thursday, May 17, 2007

Surprises from the heart..ramblings

You know, I never want or expect a thing in return when I help other's with a problem or question. So when a package arrives that I haven't ordered or am expecting from a friend, my heart starts to lift.My eyes always tear up and in that moment I feel untouchable and warm fuzzies set in. Knowing someone thought of me today.

It seems I am always blogging about stash and goodies other's have sent me. Why do I do this? Because I am so excited for one. Secondly,It takes time to think of someone, let alone gather or make something special for them, wrap it, and mail it. So when something arrives out of the blue, I want to share this act of kindness with other's. I want them to be recognized for their caring nature and I want them to know that not only do I appreciate their gift, but also their time to think of me.

I try to share most things because it is fun to see goodies, even if you aren't the recipient. It is like sitting next to your friend at her birthday party when you were 10 and got to observe the wonderful gifts. That was fulfilling enough just to get to share her excitement. I enjoy seeing stash packs and surprises from other bloggers, and hope this is something enjoyed by many.

A few weeks ago I received a package from Candi. When I opened it, I swear I felt dizzy (more than usual) she had shared way too many lace appliqu├ęs with me. If it weren't for the sweet note, I would have thought it was an accidental mailing. Candi, I know I thanked you, but this was just too much. By the way, I am dyeing some this weekend.

I also received a scissor sheath from Lilla .Actually I thought the box was the gift. It was beautifully decorated with a collage of pink lace on top. After opening it my knees got weak. A gorgeous pink silk sheath with an image of a lady embellished with silk ribbon roses and trimmed in pink beaded fringe. Thank you Lilla....again. Always such special treats.

Last week I received a package and was quite puzzled. I almost felt like I had lost my mind and ordered something without having any memory of doing so. It was a package of assorted fimo faces that resembled wood. Now I know I had seen these somewhere, but for the life of me , I had no idea who had sent these. It has taken me this long to research and figure it out. So,XXXXXX, expect something back, and nice job confusing me. Thank you for the rose too. I plan on using a few wood faces on my "Birdsong" CQ. Clever girl you! Again, a surprise from the heart.

Today I received a card from the gal I was trying to locate the anchor charm for. By reading her letter (twice) I could see how that act of kindness touched her so deeply, which in turn touched me because of a dear friend (Ivory Ann) sending it to me to forward. I also received an email informing me that Ivory Ann had received her neck pouch I had made for her. It was the fairy one in the pouch slide show tutorial. She loves fairies,pink and light green. She also knew of my beach jaunts and mermaids tears so I attached a special one which happened to match nicely.

So as you can see, it can be a simple card,an email, anything that says,"I thought of you today" to make one feel special. One of my favorite things is to pick a name out of the blue and mail some gathered items to make a special day for them. There is no better feeling, including eating chocolate, to have made one's day! Life is easy to get caught up in and it isn't always easy for everyone to keep a smile, so go ahead,share one ! You can spare it, I know you can.

Don't go sending me things, I just think it is nice to acknowledge the kindness of other's even though they don't want to be revealed. It is all good! Have a beautiful day!


  1. Hi Pat!You are so lucky to have so many good friends who care so much about you.I go ecstatic when I receive something from my friends.It gives a wonderful feeling. The laces,and the motifs are beautiful!Check out some of the e-wishes that I've posted on my blog.Cheers!

  2. Pat I'm so glad you liked them:) You're such a giving a sharing person, ALWAYS there to help others. Thank you for being you.

  3. Pat, your lovely post says it all! There's nothing quite like sending a little something to let someone know you thought of them --- it isn't so much the gift that you receive {although, its great when you know there was some thought and caring behind it!} as it is that warm and fuzzy feeling the gesture creates. Enjoy your little lovelies! You've certainly blessed others and deserve such blessings! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are...*s*


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