Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ramblings......bittersweet moments of Motherhood.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. I was a little ill from poisoning myself accidentally. I decided to spray the driveway with a very strong weed killer. In doing so, I managed to spray myself, in the face, nose,eyes,mouth. How could one do this you may wonder? Well, I do not normally use fertilizer or chemicals in my yard and garden, so I rarely use a sprayer. I had forgotten the sprayer had pressure when I went to fill it with more water and as I released the nozzle it sprayed with a powerful force into my face. Naturally I instinctively licked my lips. Duh!!!!! More poison ingested. I felt ok for a while, then I got a headache,then nauseated,then lethargic. This lasted for two and a half days. I managed to get to Mom's on Mother's day and take a walk in the woods with her and my two brother's.

Other than that,I had a nice quiet day. My son bought me a 1 gig thingy for my digital camera so I can take a thousand top quality photos. Before I could only take 8 top quality and about 64 regular. I am thrilled with this and touched by his thoughtfulness. He knows me well.

I was excited to learn he and his room mates had already found an apartment closer to campus. It has all the amenities like every bedroom has a bath,TV and entertainment center,laundry in apartment,eat in kitchen,patio,free access to exercise room, tanning,tennis,sauna,game room, etc, none of which he uses, but 2/3 closer to campus is wonderful.He was excited and said he had to return Sunday night so they could sign the lease on Monday. That was fine, he would be back next weekend with his large TV they no longer needed.

It was the next subject that upset me, only a little, he announced that he was spending the summer down there. I was so looking forward to him being home for a few months. I was disappointed, but later that evening I realized I needed to let go a bit more. I do not like change as you may know.
It is his last year and he will be 22 in Oct. I forget he will be starting a life of his own soon. The next stage is all his to decide. I guess having one child makes it hard because you always think they will always be there with you,always returning after each venture. He has never been a "mama's" boy, and that has helped me in some ways. I guess I will just have to go visit the bookstore and bead shop more:-). There is a great one right on Campus. Plus, we can take motorcycle rides down to visit him during the Summer right?


  1. Sorry to hear about the self-poisening! Not a recommended technique. LOL.

    I also understand about your DS. I have only one and he will be 17 in October. He's got his first girlfriend and we see more and more of his back while he's getting in his car. LOL. Oh well...

  2. Bittersweet indeed. But what can we do? Our happiness is in their happiness... ;-)

  3. I know oh-to-well empty-nest-syndrome! Kyle who was home-schooled since his teenage years up and decided to join the Navy. Long story short, guess who has moved back in with dear old mom after seven years of service? They always come home.

    I wonder what the next cycle of empty nest will bring. Who is no 1? Mom is in the eye's of their children.

    Sorry about the poisoning, doh! Love my purse Pat!

  4. It's hard watching them grow up and leave, no matter how many you have, I think. I have a good friend with 8 and have watched her go through this with each one! My sons and I stay close through telephone, txt msg, and e-mail. It's not so bad. He's doing what you reared him to do. =) Leaving you more time for motorcycle riding anywhere!


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