Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Poem from Vanessa

I wanted to share this poem I received from a sweet and very talented friend. She was inspired as she viewed my slide show of my garden. I just had to share with you all. This is the second poem she has written for me. You can tell she enjoys life and gets caught up in blissful moments. She is also the person who made my sweet pea doll. Thank you for the lovely sentiment Vanessa.

Thank you for letting me come visit you today
I needed some quiet time, to think, & ponder,
So I decided to go to your beautiful get-a way.
This was just the place,
I didn't need to wonder.

Though I didn't come alone,
I took something special with me,
My handmade basket containing my stitching
I had to bring it,it's part of me you see.

O, to sit in your garden
a place of sweet serenity
with the sound of the birds,
it was special to me.

The birds call out songs of love to & fro,
Such a tranquil place
For me to go.

I sat & stitched under your canopy with glee
in hopes you'd come by & stitch with me.
The time was so sweet
Didn't want it to end,
It's fun to talk
And stitch with a friend.

The evening breeze wafted
with floral scents from your flowers,
Oh how I love it
And could sit here for hours.

The Fairies came out at dusk
and danced on our table,
we tried to catch them
but we were not able.

We watched as some brought babies
On the wings of dragonflies,
Delivering them to the mothers
Who let out sweet sighs.

Oh, how I enjoyed my time with my friend,
I'll be looking forward
To doing this again.

(Just something silly for a sweet person)
The fairies cane

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