Sunday, May 27, 2007

Newest tote to share

As promised I can now share the tote I made last month. It was for CQI purse contest. A few of us entered a handmade CQ purse. Emiko S,Lynn S, and Debbie R were prize winners and made beautiful bags. All of the ladies made a wonderful purse to enjoy so we all won. It was a lot of fun just to see which purse was made by which member. I didn't guess very well because I am not familiar with every one's work, but I did guess Emiko's correctly.
My purse is actually a 14"x14.5" tote with two sections. I used purchased purse handles for durability. Everything that loks blue in the photos are really purple. Argh! Thanks Jill for coordinating this fun contest.


  1. Very pretty Pat! I would have guessed it was yours just because it is your colors. Great Job!

  2. Very nice work, Pat, as always, and looks like a size to be used as well!

  3. I saw Debbie's and a little corner of Emiko's, and loved them both. Your purse/tote is absolutely fabulous! I don't know how voters could choose one of these over another. I love your colors and your stitches, as well as your laces and motifs. Everything just goes together so well, something I sometimes don't do. =)

  4. This is really a beautiful piece. I love the delicate little blue spider in its gold web. Enjoy it!

  5. I LOVE the tote Pat!.
    It's very you and I would have picked it out as yours...
    Just beautiful!

  6. Very beautiful Pat! I so love looking at your wonderful hand work.


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