Sunday, May 06, 2007

My muse doll has arrived!

She's here! Linda, you forgot to name her. I may call her "Ella" as in "L" for Linda with a little whimsy. You all should see her in person. The stitching is so sparkly,very tasteful,and just very beautiful.Looking at her makes me want to grab my beads and threads and go for it. The colors couldn't be better,Olive greens,touches of purple and gold. Her face is beautiful, and her hair is perfect,green and purple!!
I had no idea how big she was, and was so happy to find her to be the size I had in mind. I truly am happy with her, it is a treat to me from me and I certainly will enjoy her. Thanks again Linda in NY!

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  1. Ella is the perfect name for her. I had a Great Aunt Ella. What a lady she was! Only good memories of her.
    I'm glad that you are happy with her.


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