Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A little help from my friends....................

Hello friends of Blogland! I again need help in finding an item. There always seems to be someone who can help me here, so I shall post my plea.
While teaching a CQ class yesterday,I had taken some of my projects to share. One quiet lady came up to me and seemed pretty shy (I can relate)but she said she was making a quilt for her son in the Navy and she was excited when she saw the book I had made for my mom. She was referring to the page of my father's photo as a young Navy man. At the bottom I attached an anchor. A Navy symbol. The one with the rope on it.
Anyway, I thought I had one to send her but no such luck. Do any of you embellishers out there have one I can purchase or trade for? It can be any color,silver or gold. (Not real gold or silver). I would appreciate this very much as the woman seemed to be on cloud nine when I said I may have one to share with her.Thanks for any replies.

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    they have a pressed base metal anchor charm but no picture.

    The keyword is: base metal charm under google. Lots of places to look. Hope this helps?


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