Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I've been tagged!

I have been tagged by Pam of Kittyandmedesigns to reveal 7 things about me. It is no secret I admire Pam for her talent, attitude, and just plain congeniality. You will never hear a bad thing from her about anyone and we all know there are a few rotten eggs out there. I share that and a few other things with her which I am delighted to be in such wonderful company. Now, 7 things about me:
1) When I lost my father to cancer in 2001 I was devastated and had given up on any faith of any kind. The day after his death I was alone in the pool and I desperately wanted a sign immediately to show my dad was still with me. I was thinking perhaps a breeze or a special noise. That instant a dragonfly landed on my arm. This has never happened before and I was so amazed at the beauty and more amazed at the timing. It sat for quite a while as I turned my arm to observe every angle. After that day, I saw tons of the very same type that Summer. Now when I see one I secretly say, "Hi Dad". I like to think he visits me that way. This is why you will usually see a dragonfly of some sort in my work

2) I love to go barefoot in the garden after it rains. The soft wet grass sticks to my feet and the smell of the earth is thick. Blooms are refreshed with tiny water droplets and pools of water form in the stem of the Huge Blue Hostas and dance across the Ladies Mantle. It looks so cool and refreshing like every plant got a bath and is smiling.

3) My favorite thing to do on a beautiful day is to take a motorcycle ride through the country with my husband. To smell the lilac and olive trees in bloom as we pass the gorgeous old mansions of LaPorte is just divine. Closing my eyes tightly and seeing vivid colors as we pass through shaded areas going pretty fast is very cool!

4)I wanted to elope. I thought it would be romantic. I still think so, but too late. I think the idea of just the two of you making the commitment secretly is very romantic and more meaningful than making a huge production to show everyone how you can outdo the next. I'm not downing weddings, this is my own feelings of my own experience. No hate mail please. Weddings are beautiful. Enough said.

5)I believe everything happens for a reason and that you should treat other's how you would like to be treated. People believe me to be naive because I share freely. I am not. I think if you treated people with respect and courtesy, they may treat you the same. I think you should clear up misunderstandings you have with anyone before they snowball. Especially online issues. It is so easy to misunderstand someone online because there is no emotion to be had in an email. I have read things that ruffled my feathers only to read it again another day and see it in a different way. Just be kind and give people a chance. No one is #1 in the human race.

6) Whew! Almost done....let me think.......I have always wanted a tiny marmoset as a pet. I love those little monkeys! Could you imagine having your pet wrapped around your finger? Too cute.

7)I like the smell of gasoline. When I was small I would roll down the window when we were at a gas station so I could smell the gas. It doesn't seem to smell the same as it did back then, but I remember wondering if it was bad for me???????

I tag~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1)May Britt of Abyquilt May Britt, I know you are tired, but you are tagged to state 7 things about you on your blog. I must go see what you have been in to. I saw you had a class????

2)Lynn M of Lam's Blog Lynn designs quilt patterns but I would like to know more about her.

3)Sherry of gacq BlogSherry loves stitching and nature, but I want to know more!!!

4)Gerry of sewingsouthpawGerry please share!

5)Viv of Anlaby houseJust because I want to know more about Viv :-) Did the pkg arrive????

Ladies, don't shoot me.


  1. Oh, thank you so much Pat! What kind and thoughtful things to say about me!!!

    Thank you so very much,


  2. ROLF. That would be my reaction to seeing my name here. Thanks, Pat!

    The story of the dragonfly is very touching. It gave me goose-bumpbles. It's also nice to know that you're a motorcycle enthusiast. In the olden days we were called 'biker trash'. LOL.

    Well, I better get my thinking cap on!


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