Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It pays to know your stuff!

These photos were taken yesterday at a CQ workshop I had for the Heritage Quilters of Crown Point. I had a lot of fun with these ladies. Being Traditional quilters helped. I enjoyed snooping their stash piles and seeing the clever sewing items they had made. My only regret was not taking pictures while everyone was still in class. I never remember photos until it is too late.
Everyone did a super job and did get their purse together and ready for embellishments before our time was up.I love the pic of the gal with her shoes off. Now she is really into her project!

I may have a retreat for them at the new Watershed they build a few years ago. It is only a 2 miles from my home and we would be stitching in the beautiful outdoors.There is a man made waterfall and lovely paths with stone bench wall to sit on and stitch. There is a Hilton 1/2 mile away so we could make it a weekend affair.Perhaps a trip to my beach and search for mermaid's tears?????

I had 16 students signed up but 5 couldn't stay after the meeting which made for a nice class size so I could help everyone.

I have to share my scare yesterday. I thought I was just scheduled to teach a workshop, but when I arrived, there were 55 ladies in the room, which was held at a church in Crown Point. I found the gal who I had been emailing with info, and asked her how many signed up, I thought it was 16. She laughed and imagined my fear by the look on my face and said, "yes, only 16, but we are having our meeting first. After your lecture, we will have class." Lecture????I wasn't asked to do a lecture. Oh dear! Somewhere our lines got crossed. I told her that would be fine, during their meeting I would put something together. Thank goodness I brought some past projects to share. Whew! The lecture went fine, it does pay to know your stuff. The ladies enjoyed the show and tell and several came to speak to me after class which is always a good sign.

I now have two full day classes at my home booked, I may convert our barn into a quilt studio if this continues. Wouldn't it be fun to have retreats in a great 130 yr old barn? Hmmmm something to think about.


  1. Christine(CQI)5:55 PM CDT

    Such Memories you engendered. I belonged to the Heritage Quilters in Crown Point for a few years before moving to TX in 1983. So glad to know they are still going strong! I always enjoy your blog-you are lucky to live so close to the dunes.

  2. Pat, it would be super for you to hold workshops at your own lovely home. I am excited for you!

  3. A LECTURE!!arghh, I would of run from the room screaming, bringing new meaning to the term'crazy' quilter!!LOL
    I agree with Allie, convert that barn and get teaching, or at least hosting a group. That would be so great.

    ps I think you would of done a wonderful job of hosting a TV show...

  4. Pat I would be one of your first students in your converted barn! I think it sounds like a great idea. Go for it!!!


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